Who We Are


Shop All Things Outdoors, an affiliate of Jixson, LLC, based in Chicago, Illinois is the brainchild of Tye Brewer,a budding entrepreneur and master distributor of wholesale and Liquidations products.


Shop All Things Outdoors was created as the ultimate answer to  consumer needs.  Whether it be auquiring products from the retail or wholesale levels, customers will be able to get named brand quality products and a fair price.  New and Liquidated products auquired from national and regional companies.  We service all, from the indididual consumer to the small business owner looking for the best for themselvees and their customers.


Now I (and you too) can say an emphatic YES! to the very next outdoor event. Whether it’s a concert under the stars, picnic in the park, bar-b-que in your own backyard, the kids’ ball games or an overnight in the woods,

Shop All Things Outdoors has everything you need to create the leisure you long for with the ease of a day at home for all your treks to the real outdoors, kids away games, stadium tailgating, the fabulous outdoor concerts and more.


Hip, urbane and chic, the products brought to you by  Shop All Things Outdoors let you really enjoy all things outdoors in comfort, style and sophistication whether you’re a rugged outdoors man, weekend warrior, beach cabana lounger or multi sports soccer mom.


If you’re looking for …

The ultimate in outdoor dining for a romantic two or a party of 22

Decadent lounge chairs featuring all the amenities you would find on the deck of a ship, the right shoes, hat or garment or purse, we have it for you at A.T.O!

Cabanas for the beach, tents for four, six, or just two, or beach umbrella coverage simply for you

Multi-function coolers for rolling out to the game or that mini tool kit to fix everything you break along the way

Cozy candles, dramatic lawn lighting, or gigantic lanterns for that midnight hike in the half moonlight


… Shop All Things Outdoors has just what you’ve been looking for in styles you’re going to love and prices you can’t ignore!